Even though I live locally in Oklahoma, my mentor was from up north.  Workign alongside him I was able to witness these creatures in their elements and learn about removing them without hurting them.


The bats were so thick that we had to physically remove them before we started sealing the house.  For the first time,   I saw a bat take flight into the woods.  I was fascinated, so different than a bird but with its own grace. 


The homeowner was deeply grateful that we took care of her bat problem, she had spent a lot of money already trying to remedy the problem to no avail. And I thought, this is great! I get to help people out, work outdoors, and work with fascinating wildlife.  This sparked my interest in becoming a bat specialist.  Not only removing bats but working with them to help conserve their life.


For over 27 years we have worked in Oklahoma successfully and humanely removing bats. 

Ivan Lauer, Bat Specialist

I like being married to “Batman” of Oklahoma. My love of animals fueled the  desire to learn from Ivan how to humanely remove bats in a safe way from the home or business. 


When bats infest a space, I can understand how frightening it can be or how fear can wash over you when trying to find a way to deal with the situations. Since we have a son, we also understand the urgency especially with you have children or loved ones in the house that are especially afraid of bats.  We have worked in Oklahoma together for over 25 years.  Customers love our guarantee, quick response rate and our professional manner.  We hope to earn your business should you ever find yourself with bat problems!

Heather Lauer, Bat Specialist

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