About Bats

Why do they fly into my house?


Once bats penetrate the outside or envelope of the house they can really go anywhere they want.    When they find an easy entrance, they leave a scent at the entrance, which other bats will notice and then the colony grows.  Bats like to hang out in the walls.  They may pass through the attic and their droppings might be noticed on the attic floor.   Sometimes they get curious or even disoriented and will find a plumbing, electrical or other penetration that opens into the living quarters. They feel the cool air and the next thing you know they are flying around the bedroom or living room. 


You will want our professional bat removal.

What is a Bat Colony?


Bats like to live together in families or colonies.  Maternal Colonies have pups or babies every year.  Colonies tend to grow as long as there is enough room for all to comfortably live.

How do I control them without hurting them?


Bats do not belong in your home.  But a bat exterminator is not the way to go.  There are no legal or effective pesticides for bats. Bat proofing or bat exclusion is the safest and most humane way of protecting bats and protecting your family and home. 

How do we remove them?


We allow bats to leave on their own.  They need to eat and drink and there are not enough bugs or water in the walls and attic spaces to sustain them.  We set up a system on the exterior of the home, which allows them to leave, and then they are literally stuck outside.  We look for their regular entrance and exits and put in small discreet check valves, which allow them to exit their home.  We also seal all other possible re-entry points on the entire exterior of the home.  This ensures that bats will not be able to re-enter.  We have to address any holes bigger than your pinkie finger in order to successfully guarantee that bats will not be able to re-enter.

How do I know if I have bats?


Sometimes people aren’t aware they have bats until they have a

“BAT Experience”!  This is when a bat shows up in the bedroom or living room and is flying around disoriented and just as scared as you are.  This is usually when we get a phone call from a panicked home or business owner trying to figure out how to get the bat out. 


Because bats like to hang out in your walls it is very common for people to hear scratching noises in the walls or fluttering sounds in the walls or attic.


Sometimes you might notice a peppering or pile of droppings collecting in the same place that look suspiciously like mouse droppings.


Maybe its time to collect something in storage from your attic and you notice little black droppings.  Your first thought is mouse droppings.  So you put several glue traps out and nothing happens.  Or you notice your glue trap didn’t catch a mouse, but rather a bat. 


What do bat droppings look like?


Guano or bat droppings look similar to mouse droppings but can be sparkly from all the insects that they eat.   They also crumble if you put pressure on them unlike mouse droppings that stays together. Now be sure to wash your hands good if you did that with your hands. Guano Guano is segmented. See our photo gallery for some pictures and FAQs.

Why are bat problems common in some areas?


Bats are creatures of habit. According to Bat Conservation International (http://www.batcon.org) , bats can live up to 20-30 years in the wild and they really get use to a place. 


Bats feed on bugs. Which are present year round in Oklahoma during the hot summers especially.


As bats breed, their space is not big enough for their growing family so they are known to relocate their colonies based on need for space and food source availability.


Some areas in Oklahoma, have high concentrations of bat infestations both with residential or commercial properties, it would be good for these areas to be bat proofed, we can let you know if you are in one of these bat prone areas.


Fear of bats?

Did you know there that is a clinical diagnosis of a fear of bats? It’s called chiropterophobia.  When bats are in colonies and swarm, it can be a very terrifying thing especially if you do not understand these unique creatures.


By the way, bats are not even remotely related to mice or rats! They are in their own completely different order of animals.

If you are interested in learning about more about bats in Oklahoma, we would recommend

information from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conversation, please click here:

Bats in your business or home

must be removed.


A call to your local animal or pest control may not

provide the solution you seek.


But a call to Bat Specialist of Oklahoma is a

guarantee that your unwanted bats will be gone.

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