All bats native to Oklahoma only eat insects.

Less than 1% of bats carry rabies. For any question about rabies, contact the Oklahoma Health Department.

Bats are not blind, at night they use sound wave echoes to navigate and catch prey.

Bats can capture 500 to 1000 mosquitoes in 1 hour.

The US Government provides protection against harming bats

Bats only need a hole smaller than your pinkie to enter your home. 

Some bats migrate, other bats will stay in your building year round.

What do Bat droppings look like?

Technically called guano, bat droppings are about the size of a grain of rice. You can look all around your house or building, up and down.  They may also lead up to a hole in the house.


How Small a Hole can they enter?


Bats can use a hole smaller than your pinkie to enter your home or building.

Bats can very easily enter a hole the size shown in this picture.

Oklahoma Deparment of conservatin about bats

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